Watch: Maddow Has Meltdown, Blames Rain for Ossoff’s Loss

First the darn Russians made Hillary Clinton lose the presidential election in November, 2016. Now the rain made Jon Ossoff lose the election for congress in Georgia’s 6th District.

What is going on? It is almost as if the universe is against the Dummycrats! Oh wait….Maybe Americans are finally done being bullied. We are finally standing up for what we believe in and we cannot be bought! It started with President Donald Trump and it continues now with the win of Karen Handel in Georgia. We are living in revolutionary times!

Democrats are, of course, angry because MILLIONS were poured into Ossoff’s election, nearly five times what Handel spent, and yet he still lost. They are dumbfounded and don’t know what to do.

Rachel Maddow, our favorite short haired anchor to laugh at, had a complete breakdown over Ossoff’s loss. She blames the rain.

Watch as she desperately tries to make excuses….apparently not even realizing that it rains on both Republicans and Democrats?

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