WATCH: Liberals Furious as ‘Star Wars’ Actress Imitates Kavanaugh Accuser’s Voice

Liberals erupted when ‘Star Wars Resistance’ cartoon actress Rachel Butera posted a video satirizing the voice of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

Liberals erupted Thursday when Star Wars Resistance cartoon voice actress Rachel Butera posted a spot-on video satirizing the voice of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

Butera posted the video to her social media, but liberals whipped up a firestorm right away and the actress deleted the video in only a few hours. In anticipation of the deletion, far left pop culture site io9 saved the video:

I have to say, that really is a perfect imitation of Christine Blasey Ford’s fake voice.

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I say fake voice, because it seems pretty clear that Ford was coached to make her voice sound as child-like and innocent as possible. If you only listened to and didn’t see ford’s testimony, you’d think that you were listening to a 12-year-old girl, not an aging college professor.

But it was all part of the fake persona Ford invented for the hearings.

In any case, Butera got her impersonation dead-on accurate. And it sent the liberals spiraling into the stratosphere.

Naturally, the left rose up to try and get the actress fired from the Star Wars cartoon. But it looks like that isn’t happening.

Per Variety:

The Twitter account of Rachel Butera, the voice actor who plays Leia Organa in Disney Channel’s upcoming “Star Wars Resistance” animated series, has vanished.

The disappearance of her Twitter handle came after a backlash over a video Butera posted mocking the voice of Christine Blasey Ford, who testified Thursday in a highly charged Senate hearing that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her.


Butera, before her Twitter account disappeared altogether, tried to backtrack and apologize for posting the Ford video.

“I was by no means mocking a rape victim I am 100% on Christine Blasy [sic] Ford’s side!” the 45-year-old voice actor wrote in a tweet Thursday. “I am just a vocal impressionist and decided to imitate her voice but it was a mistake. I apologize a and I believe ALL women.”

Whatever the case, Butera’s Facebook and Twitter have now been deepsixed.

But with Disney staying quiet on the matter, that likely means her job is safe. For now.

Finally, we have to point out that imitating voices is what Butera does for a living. She doesn’t do it for malicious purposes. She is a voice actress. Indeed the few remaining videos on her Youtube page are all examples of her imitations of pop stars and famous women. So, it is doubtful Butera was trying to attack Ford. But, like me, she heard a fake vice perfect for imitation.

Too bad the liberal attack mob is too stupid and blind to see it.

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