Watch How Troops Respond to Disrespectful Scumbag Standing on U.S. Flag

I have no respect for any man or woman who disrespects our military and our flag.

If you are burning, standing on, or defecating on an American flag then you are absolutely disrespecting every single soldier who has even fought for our freedom. That is not okay.

Yet, amid all of the disgusting displays, they claim that they do not mean any disrespect. This is absolute nonsense.

More often than not, it is entitled liberal brats who act like hoodrats. You can see in the vide below that one liberal scumbag decided to to stand on the flag with her fist in the air for a photo. It is at this point, as she paints a smug little grin across her ungrateful face, that the troops behind her turn their back.

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When someone points it out, she turns and looks and finds it humorous. They said, “We got them,” and then laughed.

Watch for yourself:

Just because it isn’t illegal doesn’t mean it’s right. These people should be utterly ashamed of themselves and how they are acting.
This is a perfect display of what happens when children who did not get disciplined grow up.

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