Watch as Citizens Demand Government Action on Flood of Illegal immigrants

I’ve gotta admit that I’ve had days where I felt just like this about the illegal immigration debate.

Recently, CNN’s Sally Kohn had the audacity to claim that there was “no border crisis.”

It must be nice for a North Eastern liberal living in her ivory tower to be able to opine on issues of which she has no idea…

There is indeed a border crisis, and all you need to do is ask someone living in a border state about it.

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Like this young lady in Houston, Texas.

She’s right. 100% right.

Or how about these folks in Murietta, Califronia?

They’re right too.

We are funneling billions of dollars into welfare for the over 11 MILLION (and climbing) illegal aliens living in America. That money could be better used fixing the problems in the Veterans Administration, making sure our veterans get the care they need and deserve. That money could be better used to care for the poor who are here legally – for the children living in foster homes and group homes in every state in the country.

Nope. Liberals want to continue to pour our hard earned dollars out on people who are actively breaking the law by being here…

And somehow Republicans are the ones getting blamed for the problem.

“Are folks more interested in politics, or are they more interested in solving the problem? … If the preference is for politics, then it won’t be solved,” said President Barack Obama.

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