Washington Times Explains Deep State Coup Attempt

The coup attempt began before Donald Trump had even won the election!

Many conservatives have realized that nothing less than a coup attempt has been going on through intelligence services and the media. But so much has happened that it is easy to forget how far back the attempt goes. Rowan Scarborough has written a review of the facts in the Washington Times. He points out that the Obama Administration was trying to delegitimize Trump back in the summer of 2016!

Even John Bolton sees it!

He writes, “Team Obama attempted ‘stealth coup’ by undermining Trump.

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The anti-Trump moves by Obama aides began in July 2016 during his campaign for the presidency.

Then-FBI Director James B. Comey began a criminal investigation of the Trump campaign, in whole or part, based on a dossier financed by the Democratic Party with an aim to destroy the Republican candidate. Its salacious and sometimes far-fetched scenarios of Russia-Trump collusion on the Russian hack of Democratic Party computers have not been confirmed publicly.

The top FBI investigator at that time was a “never Trump” advocate whom Mr. Mueller removed from his team last summer, The New York Times reported.

John O. Brennan, Mr. Obama’s CIA director and former campaign adviser, pushed the investigation during the campaign. He supplied Mr. Comey with the names of Russians with whom Trump associates had made any type of contact. Mr. Brennan testified to Congress that he provided the list of referrals without knowing what was discussed.

James R. Clapper, Mr. Obama’s director of national intelligence, has suggested that Mr. Trump is on the way out and calls him unfit for office.

“I really question his … fitness to be in this office,” Mr. Clapper told CNN after a fiery Trump speech in August. “And I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it. Maybe he is looking for a way out.”

Conservatives suspect all this has happened as Obama administration holdovers and former aides were working to sabotage the Trump administration.

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