Was Syria Missile Strike an ‘Elaborate Ruse’ by Trump to ‘Throw Everyone Off’ Russia Investigation? [VIDEO]

All these narratives to keep up with. It started with the Russian conspiracy theory – actually it’s more of a hypothesis – that said that Russia swayed our election in favor of Trump. The narrative of those on the left was that Trump was Putin’s puppet, and that Putin was actually the one pulling the strings of the White House.

Of course, there was never any evidence of this. They just needed a scapegoat in order to justify keeping close tabs on the Trump campaign and transition team.

But if Trump is supposedly Putin’s puppet and is all too willing to do his bidding, then why did he just bomb one of Russia’s close allies, and arguably one of Russia’s actual puppets?

Well, assuming that the Russia conspiracy theory is correct, then the attack on Syria must have been part of an elaborate ruse to make people think that there was no collusion between the U.S. and Russia. Maybe it was Putin’s plan all along to ‘throw everyone off.’

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Now, if you’ve read any of my articles over the past several days, you know that I’m no fan of Trump bombing Syria. But it has nothing to do with Russia. It’s not a ‘distraction’ from the Russia investigation.

Yes, these sorts of military actions do have the added political benefit of distracting the public, and increasing the president’s favorability ratings, but I don’t believe that was their only goal. I don’t buy the ‘national security’ excuse. They always use that. Their goals have something to do with geopolitical control, oil, or whatever.

But it’s not a ‘distraction’ from the Russia narrative. They don’t care about that.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped some politicians from theorizing that the attack on Syria was just a ploy by the Trump administration to make people think that they’re not friendly with Russia.

Tucker Carlson asked one such conspiracy theorizer Representative [score]Seth Moulton[/score] (D-MA):

“You just said it. Let me just back you up and get you to explain what you just suggested. Are you saying that this was part of an elaborate ruse that in fact he was working with the Russians, I think you suggested just a minute ago, to divert attention from this diabolical conspiracy that you’ve been alleging that this was a Potemkin bombing, a fake bombing designed to fool the rest of us into thinking that they’re not really in league with each other?”

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