Was Russian Collusion a Set-Up from the Beginning?

Joseph Mifsud, a London-based professor, met with George Papadopoulos shortly after he joined the Trump campaign and fed him (mis)information about Hillary Clinton’s es that led to the charge of Russian collusion.

Did Joseph Mifsud try to set up the Trump Team to be accused of Russian collusion?

Joseph Mifsud, a London-based professor, met with George Papadopoulos shortly after he joined the Trump campaign and fed him (mis)information about Hillary Clinton’s emails that led to the charge of Russian collusion. It is interesting that, while Mifsud seemed to befriend Papadopoulos he also campaigned for Hillary Clinton, claiming that Trump was dangerous.

The Federalist reports, “This Maltese Professor May Hold The Key To When The FBI Really Began Surveilling The Trump Campaign.”

While Mifsud’s efforts to introduce Papadopoulos to various Russia connections do not necessarily raise any red flag, the same cannot be said of Mifsud’s statement that on a trip to Russia they told him they had dirt on Clinton—and thousands of her emails. There seem to be only two possibilities: Mifsud was lying, in which case he was trying to set Papadopoulos up. Or the Russians actually told Mifsud this, in which case he was working for them.

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But for all of Mifsud’s Russian connections, and his statement that the Russians had dirt on Hillary and her emails, the FBI seemed extremely unconcerned. Mifsud told the press that he spoke to the FBI while in Washington in February 2017. While the FBI has not confirmed Mifsud’s statement, he is listed as a featured speaker at the February 2017 national meeting of Global Ties—an event sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. Mifsud then returned home to Europe, only to disappear in Rome nine months later.

What did Mifsud tell the FBI? He clearly isn’t the “source” referenced in the Washington Post article because he is not a U.S. citizen. But is he a source? Did he use Papadopoulos as a pawn to set up Trump? Did he feed Papadopoulos information about Russia to see how the Trump campaign responded?

If so, those efforts began in March of 2016—but on whose behalf? And for what purpose? Simpson testified before the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that he didn’t know much about Mifsud. This statement seems to separate Mifsud from the Steele and Fusion GPS inquiry. But it leaves Mifsud solidly entangled in the earliest stages of the Russian investigation.

Given the FBI and DOJ’s stonewalling of the House Oversight Committee over information on the known “top-secret intelligence source” connected to Trump, one wonders what, if anything, they have told Nunes about Mifsud and the interview he gave the FBI before he disappeared.

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