Was Andrew McCabe the Point Man in Stopping the Clinton Email Investigation?

Earlier we wrote about Andrew McCabe’s claim that a State Department official tried the interfere in the Clinton e investigation.

Andrew McCabe was allegedly the source of TWO different “stand-down orders” regarding the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Earlier we wrote about Andrew McCabe’s claim that a State Department official tried the interfere in the Clinton email investigation. One might wonder why Anderw McCabe reported such interference to the inspector general. Perhaps he was trying to make himself look honest and divert suspicion away from himself for his role in obstructing the Clinton email investigation. That doesn’t mean that McCabe’s story is untrue, but people are telling reporters that McCabe himself tried to stop the investigation.

Sara Carter reported, “Did McCabe issue ‘Stand-Down’ order on FBI Clinton Email Investigation?

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is now facing possible criminal charges for lying under oath about leaks he made to The Wall Street Journal in 2016, in an effort to salvage his reputation and give his account to journalists who were questioning whether he gave a “stand-down” order to FBI agents investigating the Clinton Foundation.

Multiple former FBI officials, along with a Congressional official, say that while there may have been internal squabbling over the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation at the time, there was allegedly another “stand-down” order by McCabe regarding the opening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email for official government business.

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McCabe’s stand-down order regarding Clinton’s private email use happened after The New York Times first reported Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules in March 2015 and before the official investigation was requested by the Justice Department toward the end of July 2015.

After The New York Times publication, the FBI Washington Field Office began investigating Clinton’s use of private emails and whether she was using her personal email account to transmit classified information. According to sources, McCabe was overseas when he became aware of the investigation and sent electronic communications voicing his displeasure with the agents.

“McCabe tried to steer people off the private email investigation and that appears to be obstruction and should be investigated,” said one former FBI official with knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the investigation. “Now if the information on the ‘stand-down’ order is obtained by the IG that could bring a whole lot of other troubles to McCabe.”


The DOJ declined to comment on whether McCabe had given a “stand-down” order in either or both investigations into Clinton. The Inspector General, which is expected to issue its second report in May on the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server for government business, does not comment on ongoing investigations.

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