Was Abraham Lincoln a “Great” President?

Abraham Lincoln is a political icon to those on the Left and Right. Many on the Left have compared Barack Obama to Lincoln. Check out the CBS article “The Obama-Lincoln Parallel: A Closer Look” if you want to see how liberals view the iconic history of Lincoln. Many Conservatives are equally laudatory of him. Consider this entry from Conserveapedia:

“Lincoln, along with George Washington, is the chief icon of conservative American values. With a profound sense of American history, unswerving commitment to republican ideals of democracy and civic virtue, and an almost Shakespearean command of the language, Lincoln articulated a vision of a new birth of freedom for the American nation.”

Hundreds of books have been written about him, more than any other American. There’s a monument in Washington, D.C., extolling his heroism in the face of impossible political odds. His face is carved on Mount Rushmore immortalizing him in solid rock.

But has Lincoln been properly vetted? Have conservatives and liberals ignored some of his lapses in judgments and acts of tyranny because he expanded the power of the State, the very thing that has troubled American for more than 150 years?

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The following article from Paul Craig Roberts may be hard reading for some people who believe that Lincoln “freed the slaves,” but there’s more to the Lincoln story than most people are aware of…


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