WaPo Writer on Trump Administration: ‘We are Going to Have a Constitutional Crisis or Have a Completely Incompetent Presidency’ [VIDEO]

During a doom-and-gloom roundtable discussion about what the big story of 2017 will be, writers and editors of publications such as The Atlantic and Washington Post weighed in, lamenting the fact that Trump is going to be sworn in later this month, causing global chaos.

One lamented that Trump was filling his cabinet with people who had no governing experience. Our current President had no governing experience either. He had little political experience to begin with. His inexperience was praised as “outsiderness.”

They decried the President-elect’s use of Twitter, and how he’s “bypassing” the media and going straight to the people. They complained that he was not following “traditional” political rules and norms.

They blamed Trump for using fear. That’s ironic, given that the media is fueled by viewers’ fear. They foment fear of Russia, of terrorism, of “gun violence.” They pretend like Obama and the Democrats never used fear tactics to get what they wanted.

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They bemoaned his campaign slogan Make America Great Again, noting that it’s a “coded” throwback to a time when systemic racism was more socially acceptable.

A writer for the Washington Post Michael Gerson went so far as to say that Trump will cause either a “Constitutional crisis or have a completely incompetent presidency.” I think that’s what they call a false bifurcation. Here’s what he said:

“Well, I think pretty much even chance that we are going to have a constitutional crisis or have a completely incompetent presidency, that doesn’t know how to exercise power, which I think is another possibility in this circumstance. We have a White House, Donald Trump has a White House with almost no skill of governing. We have a cheif of staff who has never been in government, which is absolutely extraordinary.

“He has elevated people, generals and corporate heads that have no experience in this extraordinary complex business of how you put together an administration, run a bureaucracy, produce ideas. So, I think there’s a deep concern about the possibility of overreach. But I think we should be also concerned about the possibility of an entirely ineffective government that doesn’t value governing experience, that doesn’t value, you know, what government should do and what it can do under the right circumstances.”

If the last eight years have shown us what “experienced” and “knowledgeable” people can do, I’d say it’s time for a change. It’ll be interesting to see how an administration functions without lobbyists running the show.


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