WaPo: ‘The Electoral College Should be Unfaithful’

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From the pen of columnist Kathleen Parker, her ‘Electoral College Should Be Unfaithful’ piece is outside any American norm.  Since when is being ‘unfaithful’ an attribute?  Especially regarding a Constitutional mandate!

Her pitiful column is typical of this post-election democrat wailing.  I harken back to the shocking results of a 2008 contest when an obscure Senator, with less standing, gained enough notoriety from one speech to propel his career into the Oval Office four years later.

Where was the outrage when this rookie Senator bested an American war hero? Certainly an opposite reaction given the uproar Trump received when questioning McCain’s hero status. If in fact McCain’s image was so sacrosanct, how was it that his defeat went without a murmur?

Obviously, when all goes well, the progressive is content.  When that table is turned, all hell breaks loose!

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Consider Ms. Parker’s “anything goes” premise that State appointed electors vote “unfaithful” to the voter’s choice for President. Talk about anarchy!

America has in place a well-performing and proven system of governing, which includes the transfer of power every four or eight years. Now, when the anticipated winner came in second, their recourse is to tamper with the appointments of trusted electorates? Those folks need to check their American DNA since their every action reflects upon the communist struggle.

Consider the magnitude of what just happened. America never elected such a true “outsider.” Remember back in 2008, when Obama earned his “outsider” identity simply based upon his recent arrival to Washington.

After eight years of dreadful disappointments, falsehoods, and international embarrassments, not to mention the doubling of our national debt, lo and behold, a true political outsider has appeared without any history of political paybacks, no “go along to get along” mentality and certainly without any obligation of any sort to the financial big boys.

On the heels of Brexit, it’s now the Washington “Establishment’s” turn in the barrel as America’s political and media elites await the arrival of “a new sheriff” in town.

Supporting her penchant for complete electoral chaos, Ms. Parker’s column not only quotes Hamilton but dishonestly ties Trump to Hamilton’s Presidential integrity concerns.  Parker disingenuously cites conditions of “tumult and disorder” with “talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity.”

However, she intentionally abbreviates, “may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union…”  This followed the above word “popularity.” It shows cause for its exclusion since Hamilton credits winning the “whole Union” as being on a higher level than the State buzz of “tumult and disorder.”

Parker is hardly a novice to the syndication circuit.  As such, her unabashed attempt to besmirch Trump alludes to a much higher intent when taken in context with the overall agenda of our “main stream.” Trump’s election is a “monumental” transition, of which the Establishment will never relish.

His specific call for ending America’s “losing” addresses the mediocrity which has prevailed since our WWII dominance.  So, why does his stance generate such ridicule?  The last time we checked, isn’t “losing” something that should be corrected, or is the ease of dependency that comforting?

Just recently, a union chief called Trump’s claim of 1,000 jobs saved to be a lie.  Others have placed the number at 800?  Duh?  Amid this overseas exodus, hundreds of jobs have now been saved so what is being served with such an anti-American and negative reaction?  If this doesn’t raise “the Bar” for public acceptance, what Trump policy will ever gain applause?

We all need to take a step back and rid ourselves from our November emotions.  This condemnation against something that’s such a positive is neither normal nor productive and provides reason for us to both question and fear its origins, while we anticipate the arrival of that new sheriff.

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