WaPo Editorial: Let’s Disarm Conservatives of Free Speech Weapon

Article identified that Americans have a free speech weapon and calls them to be disarmed.

Identifying the free speech weapon that the First Amendment acknowledges all Americans have the right to “bear,” the Washington Post proposes disarming them. Claiming free speech is a weapon makes sense since Antifa is claiming that violence is a justified response for expressing wrong ideas.

Under the headline, “When ‘free speech’ becomes a political weapon,” the column communicates that free speech should only be allowed to people who either say “correct” things or have no influence. Since Liberals now slander deplorables as racists or worse, and they have now put Donald Trump in office, the “alt-right” should not get free speech. Of course, the editorial uses the term “alt-right” to smudge together conservatives, populists, and race separatists.

The Daily Caller reports, “Washington Post Calls for Rethinking Free Speech Absolutism To Fight The Alt-Right.

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In the wake of Charlottesville and fearmongering over the rise of the so-called alt-right, The Washington Post published a piece Tuesday by history professor Jennifer Delton calling for liberals to reconsider their stance on free speech.

Delton argues that the same right that gives her the privilege of expressing opinions on the Post is a dangerous “political weapon,” which she claims is being used as “part of a strategy, deployed first by conservatives and perfected by the alt-right.”

Crediting Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos and Richard Spencer with popularizing the alt-right movement, Delton claims that these opponents of “liberal cultural hegemony,” which “they think, is perpetrated in the United States by the mainstream media and on college campuses” are baiting universities into weaponizing free speech against itself.

She acknowledges that academic institutions brought the hammer down on themselves by extreme speech policing and tacit support for protesters who shut down speakers like Yiannopoulos, but claims that the “alt-right and conservatives are using ‘free speech’ to attack and destroy colleges and universities,” which she argues promote “different variations of the internationalist, secular, cosmopolitan, multicultural liberalism that marks the thinking of educated elites of both parties.”

Read the entire Daily Caller story.

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