Walmart REFUSES to Make Cake Honoring Cop…Says it’s “RACIST” [VIDEO]

These days, you can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars and have your business driven to bankruptcy for not baking a cake for a same-sex wedding. It’s considered discrimination on par with racism. You might as well have a sign outside your bakery saying, “Whites Only.”

But as soon as you turn the situation around, and a Christian customer goes to a bakery owned by homosexuals, and the customer wants a cake with a pro-traditional marriage message on it, the business is perfectly free to refuse. I mean, they can’t be forced to serve a bigot by making a cake with a hateful message on it. Besides, it’s a privately owned business, and they should have the right to refuse service.

And it seems that a McDonough, Georgia Walmart has that same right to refuse service when it’s something they object to. A customer went to the bakery department and requested a cake for her father’s retirement party. Her father’s a cop. Naturally, she wanted a “thin blue line” cake. Specifically, she requested one with a black and white American flag with a thin blue line through the center. Something like this:


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What did the employee in the bakery department say? “The design could be perceived as racist, and nobody feels comfortable decorating the cake,” the employee said, according to the customer. So, the customer asked for something simpler. How about this instead:


Nope, that wasn’t going to fly either. The employee still didn’t “feel comfortable” with that design. The woman customer – who wishes to remain anonymous – asked, “Is there something wrong with cops?” The bakery employee wasn’t going to budge. The cake didn’t get baked.

Taylor Wilkes – a family friend of the customer, and a cop himself – posted about the incident on Facebook:

After public outrage, the manager met with the customer and apologized and offered her a gift card, some other items, and to make her the cake she wanted. She had already gone to Kroger to have the cake made – with no problems – but she took the manager up on his offer anyway.

A Walmart spokesman stated in response to the incident, “Our goal is to always take care of customers. But sometimes we misstep.”

If the bakery department had instead refused to serve a gay couple, Walmart would’ve been shut down. But since the excuse was that the design was “racist,” no one even lost their jobs.

H/T: The Macon Telegraph

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