Wall Street Journal Lobbies YouTube to Be More “Authoritative”

Once again, the WSJ criticizes YouTube for allowing created content they don’t like to climb to the top of their search engine.

The Wall Street Journal published the original story that started YouTube demonetizing conservatives, and they are not finished. Now they’re complaining that “debunked” videos are showing up in the YouTube search engine. They never consider that maybe viewers want to view strange, conspiratorial videos or that it is not YouTube’s job to make viewers only see viewpoints of which the WSJ approves.

Thus, the Wall Street Journal reports, “YouTube Tweaks Search Results as Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories Rise to Top.

YouTube this week surfaced videos peddling misinformation, hateful messages and conspiracy theories to users tracking major news events—prompting the site to change its search results to promote more authoritative sources.

For example, the fifth result when searching “Las Vegas shooting” on YouTube late Tuesday yielded a video titled “Proof Las Vegas Shooting Was a FALSE FLAG attack—Shooter on 4th Floor.” The video said there were multiple shooters in Sunday’s mass shooting, a claim dismissed by law enforcement. Posted by a channel called the End Times News Report, it amassed more than 1.1 million views in about 27 hours.

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The fourth result when searching “NFL anthem protest” on Wednesday was a video that claimed Anheuser-Busch InBev was considering pulling its sponsorship of the National Football League over national anthem protests—and urged viewers to push the company to do so. The claim had been widely debunked days before.

In response to criticism on social media of some search results this week, a person familiar with YouTube said the company is accelerating the rollout of planned changes to its search engine. On Wednesday night, the video service began promoting more authoritative sources in search results, especially pertaining to major news events, the person said. YouTube doesn’t disclose how it determines which sources are authoritative.

The word, “authoritative,” is repeated endlessly in the story. It is self-evident to the WSJ that YouTube must give us normal people “authoritative” information. We require their guidance.

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