Wake Up America: The Barbarians are Here


Knock-knock. That persistent clamor at America’s front door represents an army of unwanted visitors. We’ve had glimpses of the faces of those getting through only to lose our focus over time. September 11, 2001, Hezbullah crossing our southern boarder, the Boston marathon murders and Nidal Hasan represent the blood soaked edge of intrusion. The beheading of Steven Sotloff, James Foley, Michael Berg and Danny Pearl are grotesque examples of the vile nature the intruder’s ideology. Dozens of groups ascribe to the ideology that glorifies such acts. They span the globe. Not all of the barbarians get along with one another. However, whatever differences they have with one another dissolves because they are bonded by molecules of hatred of western values. Shared primitive values bind Hamas to ISIS.

Defense of western values must be grounded in an unqualified full-throated delineation of their evil core. They are people who do not see life as precious.  They have no interest in secular law. They see women as inferior to men. They feel gay people are properly executed. They are profoundly anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-American. They have not one wit of hesitation to behead those who share their faith but in a less brutal, intolerant or non-compliant fashion.

Some call them proponents of radical Islam. Some call them Islamists. Some call them Islamo-fascists. But they are not simply terrorists. This particular terror is firmly tied to Islam. Islam is as significant to today’s terror as anti-Semitism to the Nazi atrocities in Europe, the Imperial Japanese dogma of racial superiority to Japanese war crimes and communism’s link to the millions murdered in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Soviet Union. islam-will-dominateDeadly ideologies do not arise in a vacuum. Accurately quoted in-context excerpts from Islamic holy text and incitement by thousands of Imams are the basis upon which the terrorists justify their war on western values and nonbelievers.

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What we see as gruesome they worship as Allah’s holy work. We perceive diplomacy as the road to conflict resolution. They see diplomacy as an opportunity to acquire an advantage until they can dominate by other means. We respect all religions; they respect only Islam.

Are all Muslims sympathetic to the barbarians? Certainly not. But 99% of terrorism is Islamic in origin today. If it makes some feel better to note that centuries ago there were other ideologies that guided terrorists, duly noted. The civilized among the 1.2 billion Muslims have become almost irrelevant in this war for civilization because of their anemic efforts to rid their faith of the barbarians.

Unfortunately most of the millions of more tolerant and peaceful Muslims act like the enabling relatives of alcoholics. They live in denial. But that denial is not exclusively the territory of Muslims. Many Americans, apparently including our President, are also in denial. They refuse to acknowledge or are ignorant about the cancer eating away at Islam. They fail to recognize the disease that infects those fighting the war against liberty. Too many confuse recognition of a serious problem with a blanket condemnation of 1.2 billion people.

Ignorance and denial allowed Hitler to spend most of the 1930’s amassing his power to implement genocide. Like the Islamists, he did not hide his intentions. My plea to people on both sides of the American divide is to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time. We should be mature enough to fully comprehend and address the massive Islamist threat without indicting all Muslims.  And American Muslims need to acknowledge the problematic nature of material in their holy books. Reformation can only come from within.

Our President has yet to identify this enemy. He went before microphones August 20 to lament the beheading of James Foley. Not one word describing the ideology/theology of the murderers crossed his lips. His war is a war against bad people tied together by bad deeds and nothing more. His war has no identifiable enemy. His blurred vision is why we are more vulnerable today than 6 years ago. May God protect all of us until we have an administration courageous enough to lead America in disarming or destroying those who are working every day to do us grievous harm.

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