Wait – Is Obama Lying about When He Learned of Hillary’s Email Scandal?

This weekend has brought us conflicting accounts of when exactly the White House knew that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had shirked her responsibilities and not been forthcoming with her communications as Secretary of State.

On the heels of a her family’s personal scandal for accepting money from our enemies, Hillary Clinton has now become embroiled in scandal over her emails during her time as Secretary of State. Government (and State Department) regulations demand that officials use publicly supplied, monitored and secured email systems when conducting the people’s work. Instead, Mrs. Clinton and her staff used a private email system developed by the Clintons themselves. Meaning that we’ll never know if all of the correspondence passing through the State Department during the Obama-Clinton years is available to Congress or the public as it should be.

Now, we have new information that may besmirch the Obama White House for being involved in covering up this latest scandal.

Obama_HillaryOn Friday Politico reported that the White House, the State Department and Hillary Clinton’s personal office had all been made aware that Congressional Republicans had found out that the former Secretary of State had not followed regulations or protocol in conducting the people’s business during her time at the State Department.

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The White House, State Department and Hillary Clinton’s personal office knew in August that House Republicans had received information showing that the former secretary of state conducted official government business through her private email account — and Clinton’s staff made the decision to keep quiet.

Sources familiar with the discussions say key people in the Obama administration and on Clinton’s staff were aware that the revelation could be explosive for the all-but-announced candidate for president. But those involved deferred to Clinton’s aides, and they decided not to respond.

However, on Saturday President Obama himself repeated one of his favorite phrases in an effort to shrug off any personal blame that might have come along with the Clinton email scandal. He told the media, and America, that he knew nothing of the scandal… until he learned about it in the news!

On Saturday CBS News’ White House correspondent Bill Plante asked the President

“When did you first learn that Hillary Clinton used an email system outside of official business while she was secretary of state?” To which the President responded, “The same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”



Ah yes, his staff knew about the scandal back in August but they decided that this was something that their boss didn’t need to know. Instead, they decided to obey Clinton’s staff people and keep a wrap on this as long as possible… going so far as to keep it a secret from the guy who just happened to be Hillary’s boss when she was at the State Department.

Sure, that answer seems patently ridiculous, and sure he’s offered it up so often for so many different problems that we’ve all begun to make fun of him for NOT KNOWING ANYTHING, EVER! But does that make his answer here, more unbelievable? Of course it does…


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And now we can add that he didn’t know about Hillary’s Email Scandal until he saw it in the media… even though his staff knew about it in August. I guess you’re going to have decide for yourself who to believe. Either Obama has known since August when everyone else in the White House and State Department learned about it… or he just found out this past week when he saw it on MSNBC.

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