Wacky: Pop Star Stevie Wonder Thinks Aretha Franklin’s Cancer was Caused by ‘Global Warming’

Pop star Stevie Wonder just said that Aretha Franklin’s fatal cancer was created by…wait for it… global warming. OK, this is anther one of those videos that proves that people in the entertainment business are coddled so much that they lose touch with reality.

The world-renowned “Queen of Soul” ArethaFranklin died last week of cancer, of course, but now we have noted oncologist doctor and medical scientist Stevie Wonder to regale us all on just what caused Franklin’s cancer.

Wonder blurted out his wacky prognosis during an appearance on last Friday’s CBS This Morning, and naturally was not challenged by the “journalists” on the show. He just wound up and disgorged his goofy conspiracy theory without any questions.

Check this craziness out:

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I just feel that all these various diseases that we have and all these things that are happening in the world in part is because there are those who don’t believe in global warming, don’t believe that what we do affects the world. What we eat affects the world.” Wonder said. “I just hope that people will grow up out of the foolishness and know that we all, by how we think, how we view, how we treat others, we will never unlock the key until we truly let go of the hatred, the bigotry, the evilness, the selfishness. We do that and we can unlock some of those things that keep us in this place.

But it is even worse than you might think.

As Breitbart News’ John Nolte noted:

If you read it closely, though, what Wonder said is even dumber than blaming disease on Global Warming. The truth is that he blamed the spread of cancer on those who don’t believe in Global Warming.

“I just feel that all these various diseases that we have and all that is happening in the world in part is because there are those who don’t believe in global warming,” Stevie Wonder said.
So the pro-science Wonder is telling the world that a lack of belief in Global Warming is what killed Aretha Franklin, is what gave her cancer.

And after he spreads this bilge, you can listen to the real journalists at CBS repeatedly thank him.

I mean, come on! Weather does not cause diseases.

This is a perfect example of how those around celebrities don’t say “no” to them often enough and just let these goofballs say whatever they want without anyone with any sense telling them to rethink their silliness.

But there is an old saying that perfectly fits here. The old saying goes: “Don’t just sit there quietly and let people think you are an idiot. Speak up and prove it to them.”

Wonder totally proved he is an idiot, with this foolishness.

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