Voting Felonies Dropped For Five North Carolina Residents Under Plea Deal

Our judicial system is becoming a joke… We need a complete overhaul of our judicial system… something like voter fraud should be treated seriously! Police officers risk their lives to investigate crime and arrest the criminals just for the judges to slap the criminals on the wrist.

The five North Carolina residents originally faced felony charges of voting while serving probation. Seems to me they should check the list of registered voters against the list of felons on parole or probation before the election.


Five North Carolina residents accused of illegally voting during the 2016 election have had felony charges dropped under plea deals.

The Southern Coalition for Social Justice issued a statement saying the five entered Alford pleas to misdemeanor obstruction of justice charges on Monday in Alamance County. Alford pleas acknowledge prosecutors have enough evidence to win conviction on a given charge.

The five originally faced felony charges of voting while serving probation. North Carolina requires convicted felons to complete any probation or parole before voting rights are restored.

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The nonprofit organization said the pleas allow them to avoid prison time they could have faced if convicted of the voting charges.

A state audit of the 2016 elections found 441 felons voted before having that right restored. More than two-thirds were black.


GRAHAM — Five of the so-called Alamance 12, charged with felony voting by a convicted felon, accepted misdemeanor charges Monday, Aug. 13, and probation.

“I think I’ll stay away from voting and keep my freedom,” said Neko Chantell Rogers, 36, who voted in 2016 while on probation for food-stamp fraud, “if you can call it that.”

In December, the District Attorney’s Office filed felony charges against 12 Alamance County residents for voting as convicted felons. The state constitution prohibits felons from voting until they have completed their sentences, including probation, parole and post-release supervision. It is a low-level felony, and in the most extreme cases habitual offenders could get as long as two years in prison. More

Our justice systems must prosecute to the fullest extent any violation of voting laws. If we don’t our elections are meaningless.

But voter fraud is just a myth, right? This is why the Democrats are fighting so hard against voter ID laws.

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