Here’s What Voters Need To Know For The GOP To Do Well In Midterms

Will the ‘Trump Effect’ translate to big wins for the GOP in the midterm elections?

There are more jobs, more money in people’s bank accounts, more security, and more confidence in the direction America is heading. Things are looking good for us in November.

Good voter turnout is going to be key in the midterms. If conservatives are complacent and take Trump’s great successes for granted the Democrats will sweep in and throw a monkey’s wrench into the whole MAGA agenda. Get out and vote conservative!

Fox News:

The Republican Party faces an uphill climb in the Nov. 6 elections. The party in the White House historically loses seats in midterm voting – and with majorities in both houses of Congress to protect, the GOP needs to work overtime.

So far, we have seen Republican candidates overcome the historical midterm narrative. Despite the liberal establishment’s best efforts, Republicans have won seven out of the last nine special elections since President Trump took office. One race in Ohio for a U.S. House seat is still undecided until all provisional ballots are reviewed and absentee ballots are counted – but Republican state Sen. Troy Balderson holds a narrow lead.

Ahead of the midterms, it’s hard not to be turned off by the constant barrage of negative news and the feeling that Washington just isn’t working. But what’s often lost in the deluge of news coverage are the hundreds of reforms and effective solutions that are being championed and passed by this Republican Congress. In the past 20 months, the House of Representatives has passed more than 700 bills.

These solutions, reforms and pro-American policies are responsible for our booming economy and low unemployment numbers.There are currently more job openings than there are job seekers in the United States.

Families from California to Maine have felt the positive effects of our robust economic growth and increased opportunity for all. Republicans should be doubling down on our policies that have delivered lower taxes, a growing economy and near record-low unemployment.

But what many Americans haven’t heard about are the other solutions championed by the Republican Congress that make real, tangible improvements to our lives. These are solutions that improve our security and make sure our laws are keeping up with the challenges that we face. More

Despite the liberal establishment’s best efforts so far we have seen Republican candidates overcome the historical midterm narrative.

Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton and he’ll conquer again by a landslide in 2020!

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