I Voted Yesterday – and Now – I Don’t Feel so Great

My wife and I went to vote yesterday in the Great State of Georgia. I love early voting because I hate standing in those long lines, only to have to punch the ballot for politicians I don’t like. Don’t get me wrong, not every election is like that… some elections I get to vote for a man (or woman) I admire and appreciate. I’ve enjoyed voting for Dr.’s Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey in the past, I was happy to vote for Chuck Baldwin for President years ago and I enjoyed voting for Tom Graves and John Monds today. (Also, I was HAPPY to vote for a measure that would prevent any future ability of the Georgia Legislature to raise my income taxes!)

But the rest of the ballot was tough to get through for me.

I’m no fan of Governor Deal and David Perdue. For most of his term, Governor Deal has seemed at odds with the most conservative members of our state legislature, and though I think he’s done an “okay” job, I also believe the last four years could have been so much better.However, my problems with Governor Deal pale in comparison to my issues with David Perdue. Mr. Perdue seems like a good man with a well-intentioned plan for Georgia and the US, but he was the least consistent conservative in the Republican Primary field. His victory is just another reminder that the party establishment in Georgia still decides who gets to represent us – and that is just sad.

GA_voter_stickerI voted for both of these men – mostly because the polls have all been so close. If recent polling had favored them by more than 3 or 4 points… I would gladly have abstained from casting a vote for either candidate, such is my disinterest in them continuing their political careers.

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So here I am – kind of, sort of regretting my vote. (Don’t be mad at me…)

But I tell you what I would have regretted more: not voting for them and then watching the Democrats (Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter) win. That outcome would have made me feel much worse. I think it’s important to vote your conscience… but sometimes your conscience won’t let you vote your conscience! (I know, mind shattering!)

If I weren’t an informed voter, I wouldn’t have to worry about all of these moral conundrums. I could just walk into the voting booth and mindlessly vote for whomever the local media told me to. But that would be wrong… so I read up on candidates positions and explanations of their positions, and I make the most informed decision I can.

You can too…

To help you do this, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Christian-Jewish Voter Guides and Liberty Alliance. They have been working overtime this election season to get you the materials you’ll need to vote wisely.

Many Americans enter the polling station with little knowledge of the men, women and issues that they will be voting for… and these decisions are too important to simply guess on.

So, this election season, we want to encourage you to get informed by using one of our voting guides.

Over at Christian-Jewish Voter Guides, there are several options that you can take advantage of:


vote ChristianThe Life, Marriage, Conscience & Israel VOW Voting Guide

Faith & Freedom Coalition Voter Guides


Focus on the Family – State Family Policy Council Guides

AIPAC: The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee

Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk Action

Family Research Council Action

Tea Party DEBT-HAWKS – Voter Guide

Mike Huckabee’s America Takes Action


Our favorite of the bunch happens to be the Life, Marriage Conscience, & Israel VOW voting guide, which was developed by Constitutional attorneys, Capitol Hill staffers, political strategists, 501(c) activists, and humanitarian philanthropists. We think the VOW could be a game changer in helping to educate voters about the candidates they are voting for. Far too often American voters are punching the ballots of politicians they disagree with, when a simple voting guide could have helped inform their decision and change their vote.

Maybe you look over the VOW and decide it’s not for you… any of the other above voting guides can also be extremely helpful to you in the voting booth.

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