Volunteers Defending Europe from Smugglers

They are defending Europe by sailing to the Libyan coast to observe how “humanitarian rescuers” are working with smugglers.

The media is portraying them as “far right” because these young men and women think defending Europe from the mass importation of foreign cultures is necessary. They are concerned that well-financed “charity” organizations are effectively working with smugglers to bring in migrants.

Here’s Lauren Southern (who I wrote about recently) interviewing a leader in the movement.

Southern posted that interview yesterday. That same afternoon she tweeted:

Silicon Valley strikes again!


Reuters reports, “Far-right millennials set out to sea to ‘defend Europe’ from migrants.

A dozen far-right millennials from Europe and North America plan to set sail next week to “defend Europe” from what they call a migrant invasion from Africa, using social media as their weapons.

The supporters of the Identitarian movement, which says it wants to preserve Europe’s identity, have rented a ship to take them to international waters off the Libyan coast so they can monitor humanitarian rescuers, who they say collude with people smugglers who cram migrants onto dangerous boats.

“There is a difference between saving lives and smuggling people to Europe,” Martin Sellner, an Austrian who is leading the effort, told Reuters at Catania’s port.

“What they are doing in fact is making millions of dollars for human trafficking rings,” he said. The activists, who are all in their 20s and early to mid-30s, will stay at sea about 10 days, but may renew the mission if it is successful, Sellner said.

Charity groups operating rescue ships are concerned that the activists will try to disrupt them and put lives at risk.

Read the whole Reuters story.


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