Vladimir Putin says “We’re Not Warmongers”

With the nation of Russia in a steady decline economically, President Vladimir Putin decided to hold a press conference to put the fears of his nation at rest. Instead of being regretful or conciliatory about his actions over the last few years, Putin instead chose to speak defiantly and lay most of the blame for his nations’ woes at the feet of the “West,” perhaps particularly, the United States.

“The United States has reignited the Cold War…”

“Russia has only made a contribution where it is supporting it’s national interests in a harsher way. We’re not attacking anyone. We’re not warmongers. We are only defending our interests and the dissatisfaction of our western partners are huge because of this…”


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Despite the collapse of the Russian ruble and the rise of interest rates from 6.5% to 17.5%, the Russian people still overwhelmingly support him. For now and for the foreseeable future, Putin will continue to lead Russia the same way he has been for years. The real question is how will President Obama respond to whatever Putin does next?

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