Video: Zombie Man Stronger than Two Cops with Tasers

Say no to drugs!

It is actually frightening to know that there are substances people can put into their bodies that seemingly turn off their humanity and override any shred of common sense or control. I have no idea what this guy took, but it’s obvious that whatever it is has done some serious damage to his brain.

It takes two fully grown men to finally wrestle this man to the ground. Even with tasers though, you can see how much they struggle just to take the suspect down. I am honestly amazed that he was still able to stand, even if with two tasers on him at the same time. It doesn’t even seem to phase him. Instead, he looks like a zombie as he gnashes, screams, and writhers all over the place.

Watch for yourself:

Here are a few comments from the post:

What would you have done in this situation?

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