Video: Rep. Steve King Explains Exactly Why the Wall Hasn’t Been Built Yet

Rep. Steve King was a guest on Tucker Carlson, when he mentioned the real reason the wall has not been built yet.

I’ll give you one guess……Did you say Paul Ryan and the RINOs? If so, you won! Ding, ding, ding. The RINOs are stalling the building of our wall. This is just one more reason why the swamp needs to be drained!

Listen for yourself, he begins speaking about it at 1:00.

100 Percent Fed Up reports:


Paul Ryan nervously giggled during the Republican announcement of the budget and Obamacare replacement this morning. It’s interesting to watch all of the Republicans in the video below skip over the elephant in the room by redirecting everyone to other items THEY consider to be positive. Ryan emphasized the funding for border patrol but skipped right over the border wall funding.

Why does the left bother with “Resistance” theatrics when the Republican Congress funds their entire wish list anyway?

Is funding the NIH (National Institutes for Health) with 2 BILLION dollars a good thing? That bloated and very wasteful item needs to be looked at more closely. Remember shrimp on a treadmill? Drunk monkeys? Yes, this is the organization that gives out YOUR tax dollars to people to do crazy experiments that are honestly wasteful.

This makes you wonder if we could have reached some kind of agreement on repealing Obamacare at this point if it wasn’t for the RINOs!

I am fed up with the people who have been elected into office taking advantage of their power and making it nearly impossible for anything to get done! Perhaps their paychecks should be ceased until something productive starts happening.


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