Video Of Dancing Girl Accosting Elderly Trump Supporter On Supreme Court Steps Goes Viral

This is just getting really sad now. Democrats have no ability to control their emotions and actually debate or discuss their position like an adult. They are overflowing with emotion like little children.

I’ve come to the conclusion that feminism has become a zombie-like virus that reduces people to screaming unintelligible hordes.

Lunatic… She’s a useful idiot.


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Daily Wire:

A video of a girl in jeans shorts dancing around an elderly man who is peacefully protesting in front of the Supreme Court went viral over the weekend.

The video was shot during protests in front of the high court after the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and shows the girl trying to knock two signs out of the man’s hands. The signs read “She is a good liar” and “Arm teachers, protect kids.” During the brief video, the girl is also shouting “Hey hey, ho ho, Kavanaugh has got to go!” in his face.

Actor James Woods was among the many to highlight the video as a valuable insight into the mind of a liberal. More

Anti-Kavanaugh protester that accosted an elderly man gets struck with the long arm of the law…


But wait. There is justice. In this photo tweeted by Ruptly, the dancing liberal bully is shown with her hands behind her back in zip ties being led off to bully no more.

We don’t know if this woman was arrested or if she was just removed from the scene.

As The Daily Wire reported, “Capitol Police said officers arrested 164 people on Saturday as hundreds of protesters hopped barricades to protest at the Capitol. Dozens more protested on the steps of the Supreme Court, where the incident took place.” More

This 71 year old man has more guts and courage than this chick will ever have.

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