Video: NRA Gives Bad*ss Response to Media Fueled Women’s March

“Plan a March, I’ll be There” – Dana Loesch 

I am the NRA. Millions of Americans are the NRA. We are not bigots, sexists, xenophobes, or any other word the left can make up and add an “ism” or “phobe” to the end of. We are every day, ordinary people who choose to practice our second amendment right.

However, you would not know that by listening to the media. They have tried to paint the NRA and its members as every name in the book, and then some. There is a new women’s march (oh boy) to protest the NRA now….

This is coming from a group who has Islamic leaders and backing. Do they not see the irony of their predicament? They are marching for “women’s rights” and being led by a religion who is perhaps the most oppressive when it comes to women. I am dumbfounded.

Well the NRA has had enough of the leftist media and their lies. They have issued a response and it does not beat about the bush.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch posted to Facebook:

“To Women’s March organizers Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour and Carmen Perez: You don’t get to call me a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe or xenophobe when a man you look up to and call honorable and hold hands with and take selfies with represents the exact type of bigot you pretend to march against. If you want to stop hate, start with your mentor, Daddy Farrakhan. If you feel you’re “not safe,” go tell Daddy Farrakhan to tone down his divisive, racial rhetoric. Ladies, you have the power to end Daddy Farrakhan’s hate-filled propaganda. Plan a march. I’ll be there. Watch my full commentary on Farrakhan’s Anarchist Angels on NRATV.”

Here is the bad*ss clip. You won’t regret watching it:

So, the women can march for 18 miles if they want to, but they cannot change the facts. We have done nothing wrong here.

Plan a march, an actual march for actual rights, and I will be there alongside Dana Loesch.

I am a woman, but this is not my march.

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