Video: Minister’s Mic Cut When He Calls Out CA Dems for Hating Black Community

Wow. Interesting how quick mics are cut when someone says something that you don’t like, huh?

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson witnessed this first hand. As a black minster, he sees just how little Democrats actually care for people. They truly target the black community. For example, they do not work to improve black lives but rather work to keep them poor so that they stay dependent on welfare. If they are dependent on welfare, then they will continue to vote for the people handing them the welfare. Republicans want them to prosper and for no one to need government assistance.

Peterson is not only a minster but also a conservative activist with his own talk show. He was testifying before California officials at the State Capitol when said, “Senator (Robert) Hertzberg and the sponsors of this bill hate black people,” he continued, “They hate black women; they hate black children.”

His mic was instantly cut and then he was threatened with being removed when he continued to talk out against Senate Bill 10.

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This particular bill, if passed, will “eliminate the current cash bail system for many defendants of the state.”

Daily Wire reports:

Peterson was then interrupted by Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles), Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, who instructed him to “stick with the merits of the bill.”

Speaking directly to Sen. Hertzberg, who co-authored the legislation, Peterson continued, claiming that the proposal would put many minority neighborhoods in peril.

“You, sir, don’t respect black people,” Peterson persisted. “You don’t live in those communities.”

At that point, the chairman shut off Peterson’s microphone and eventually threatened to have him ejected.

“If you make another sound, I’ll have you removed,” Jones-Sawyer warned.

Peterson has spent decades mentoring black people, many of whom live in areas that have become overpopulated by miscreants and gangs. According to Peterson, an alarming number of residents are already afraid to report crimes to law enforcement. They fear criminals will be released back onto the streets soon after being arrested, possibly seeking revenge — which could become an even greater threat if SB 10 becomes law.

Peterson wrote an editorial after lawmakers voted to go forward with the bill. In it he said, “You can’t just read a book, article, or statistics and understand what is happening on the streets of our black and Hispanic neighborhoods,” he added,  “You need to live it and be around it to know the struggles are real.”


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