Video: Idiot Californians Congratulate North Korea on Creation of Hydrogen Bomb

There are people in the great country of the United States who actually sympathize with North Korea. They feel like we should allow them to bomb us as some sort of retribution for when America invaded and bombed Pyongyang.

Why on earth they would like to willingly be bombed and killed by a mad man who is looking for revenge for a war that we fought in the 1950’s, I have no idea.

Why they may be absolute morons on another level, there are also the people who have absolutely no idea what’s going on in the world. Seriously, do they even turn on their television, look at a newspaper, or scroll through Facebook?

The folks in the video I am about to show you are actually congratulating Kim Jong Un and North Korea on their creation of a hydrogen bomb. They think that it is a good thing and falls under the “if you can dream it, you can achieve it” category of life.

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However, as a person with a brain, I can tell you that North Korea with thermonuclear weapons is not a good thing. As researcher Dave Schmerler with Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies said: “”[T]his test demonstrated that North Korea has attained the technical capability to produce a nuclear weapon whose yield corroborates their claims of having a thermonuclear weapon.”

They are dangerously close to fitting one of the warheads on a ballistic missile that would be capable of reaching America. Nothing about that should be congratulated, but like I said, these people are idiots.

See for yourself:


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