Video: Foul Mouthed Welfare Queen Screams, “Who’s Gonna Pay My Rent?”

Welfare Queens, we all know of them. They demand that everyone else pays for them and all their babies to have a place to stay and food to eat without ever actually working themselves.

They have some sort of high and mighty sense of entitlement and think that the government owes them something just for existing.

News flash: no one owes them anything!

As I have stated before:

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Don’t get me wrong, I am okay with the money going towards our roads, paying teachers, and helping people who truly need help, i.e. the elderly, disabled veterans, and those have fallen on hard times.

Welfare is something that was created to be a temporary crutch to get through a hard time. However, over time, it has simply become a way for people to cheat work and still receive government assistance.

In some states, they have implemented a new law that requires people to work for the food stamps they are receiving. Guess what? The numbers of people receiving that government assistance PLUMMETED!

There are absolutely WAY too many people cheating the system and receiving welfare when it isn’t even really that they need help. It boils down to one thing: laziness.

In the video below, you will see the first hand mentality of a person on welfare. Instead of getting a job to support herself, she screams and demands an answer about who is going to pay her rent.

She is initially screaming about being denied a free water bill and then spirals into wanting free rent as well.

She yells, “F*cked up…..these mother f*ckers” while on camera, “I’m not in the right frame of mind at this time”

She doesn’t sound like she is ever in the right state of mind! This is Obama’s legacy.

Warning: NSFW, Harsh language used.

If you think that one is bad, you should see this one! Listen as the woman claims that someone needs to pay for all of her fifteen children. She said, “Somebody needs to pay for all my children and all our suffering. Somebody needs to be held accountable and they need to pay.”

Why not some of her baby daddies or herself? She needs to go to work and stop relying on the government! Her rent is already paid for!

See for yourself:

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