VIDEO: Christian Bale Attacks Deplorables with No Sense of Irony Because Intolerance

In the movies he played Batman, but when Christian Bale attacks Trump, he shows he’s Bane in real life.

In the news, Christian Bale attacks Trump while promoting a new movie. In doing so he blames Team Trump for hatred and division and thinking negatively about those with other opinions.

He is obviously projecting. Anyone who watched the news knows that unending hatred of Trump and anyone who supports him on any issue is the hallmark of the mainstream media, Democrats, and many Republicans. Bale pretends none of that is happening and expects us to pretend with him.

According to Fox News Insider, Bale claims America

now “seeth[es] with hatred and division” and that Trump has negatively affected citizens’ attitude toward “people of different opinions” and immigrants.

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“Hopefully we’ll come through this for something far better,” Bale said, projecting that the “majority” of the country agrees with him.

Bale played Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight Rises, but he seems to be acting more like the Leftist villain of the movie, Bane. After all, Bane and his thugs looked and acted like the Alt-Left Antifa that we’ve seen in the U.S. and Europe.

Breitbart reports, “Alt-Left Extremists Post Police Photos Online, Threats, In Revenge For Police Action Against Them.

German Antifa “left-wing extremist terrorists” have posted the photographs of 54 Berlin policemen online in an attempt to identify the officers and locate their private addresses.

The photos were posted on a well-known left-extremist website alongside threats against the officers, who are believed to have been involved with the evacuation of illegal left-wing extremist squats located on Riga Street earlier this year, Die Welt reports.

“We look forward to getting tips about where you live. In addition to participating in the eviction, they can be held responsible for the violence of the three weeks of siege,” the extremists wrote.

Seems to me plenty of places are seething with hatred and division because the Left is a intolerant cult.

Read the whole Breitbart story.

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