Victory! Islamic State Headquarters Crushed in Syrian City of Raqqa

Victory! Raqqa, Syria has reason to celebrate for the first time in 3 years! The city was captured by the Islamic State in early 2014. In fact, it was the first large city that the terrorist group invaded. However, they are now free from the terroristic hold.

Raqqa was treated as a hub for the ISIS planning and operations center. The headquarters was used to plan for war in the Middle East and for many attacks carried out over seas. According to AOL, this is also where many disturbing videos were made of imprisoned hostages, showing their slaughter.

On Tuesday, the Islamic State was defeated by militias back by the United States. According to a Reuters witness, the four month battle ended as the militias raised up a yellow flag with a red Kurdish YPG symbols in the Raqqa stadium. The Kurdish YPG is reportedly the strongest militia in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF.)

This is a huge victory for the Syrian people!

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AOL reports:

The fighting was over but the alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias was clearing the stadium of mines and any remaining hiding militants, said Rojda Felat, commander of the Raqqa campaign for the [SDF].

A war monitor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said Islamic State was now completely cleared from the city.

The fall of Raqqa city, where Islamic State staged euphoric parades after its string of lightning victories in 2014, is a potent symbol of the jihadist movement’s collapsing fortunes. From the city, the group planned attacks abroad.

The SDF, backed by a U.S.-led international alliance, has been fighting Islamic State inside Raqqa since June.

Another Reuters witness said militia fighters celebrated in the streets, chanting slogans from their vehicles.

Militia fighters and their commanders were overcome with joy as they hugged and smiled amid the rubble in the public square. Even though the city has been taken back from terrorists, the people must still careful. Colonel Ryan Dillon said there are still  IEDs and booby traps in and amongst the areas that ISIS once held, so the SDF will continue to clear deliberately through areas,”

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