Veterans Say – Hillary Can’t Hide from Her Failures!

Hillary Clinton may be the inevitable 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate but don’t tell veterans of our military that she’s inevitable as the President. Veterans groups are banding together to remind the nation of all of Clinton’s many failures as Secretary of State.


Could Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state come back and bite her with veterans in 2016? A conservative veterans group behind a new anti-Clinton video series thinks so.

“As veterans, when we have friends who are still on active duty still going back to these conflicts without a clear mission it very much upsets us,” Dan Caldwell, Marine Corps veteran and legislative director for Concerned Veterans for America, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. ”The fact remains that Hillary Clinton was at the table and helped craft, drive, and implement a lot of these failed national security policies. She cannot walk away from that, and she cannot hide from that.”

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Benghazi4Caldwell said that Clinton has tried to spin her involvement with the botched foreign policy maneuvers of the Obama administration, but he said veterans won’t forget Hillary’s failures if she runs for president.

“It is something that will reflect negatively on her with a lot of veterans who feel strongly that America needs a strong and concise national security strategy,” Caldwell said.

CVA points to Libya, arguing that years of successful policy toward the rogue nation was undone by the Obama-Clinton team.

Clinton is currently the clear frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president. She actively participated in the Libya strategy as secretary of state. She continues to receive criticism from conservatives about her involvement in the Benghazi scandal.

“With regards to Libya, [Hillary] was in the room crafting the policy of leading from behind and then ultimately not having a follow up strategy to secure peace in Libya,” Caldwell told TheDCNF.



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