Veterans Affairs Officials Undecided On Whether To Pay For Sex Reassignment Surgery

Gender Dysphoria is a mental disorder, not a service-connected medical condition and should not be covered by the VA.

The entire sex change procedure is extremely time-consuming and rather expensive and there are a lot of veterans with real and urgent medical needs that are already having long waits for desperately needed services.

How about we let the taxpayers funding the Veterans Affairs decide?

Military Times:

Veterans Affairs officials are still evaluating whether to fund sex reassignment surgeries for transgender veterans following a months-long push from advocates asking the department to reverse its opposition to the procedure.

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Last week, a group of 83 House members (82 Democrats and one Republican) petitioned VA Secretary Robert Wilkie to make the change, calling the current department policy discriminatory and potentially harmful to the health of those veterans.

“Simply put, the VA has an obligation to provide the necessary care that is prescribed to enrolled veterans by their health care practitioners,” the group said in a letter to Wilke.

“It is unconscionable to deny veterans the same access to health care services that civilians receive in the private sector, and that is available to Medicare beneficiaries and federal workers, simply because of outdated and unscientific prejudice against their gender identity.”

Rep. Julia Brownley, D-Calif., led that effort and in a statement called it “unacceptable that we would ask our veterans to risk their lives to protect our rights but we would refuse to defend theirs in return.”

The move came at the end of a two-month comment period on the possible policy change. VA officials have discussed allowing the surgeries to be covered in the last few years, but have not made any updates, prompting some advocates to sue the department.

VA spokesman Curt Cashour said the department is reviewing comments collected during the summer on the issue and will announce any changes through formal federal channels. More

The VA needs to take a stand against opening this floodgate. There will be no turning back if they do. Writing to Congress would be totally useless, but on the other hand, slamming the VA with emails and calls might help. They are not used to public pressure from average everyday citizens.

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