Vermont Dem Said Russia Hacking Power Grid was a Conspiracy to Shut Off Heat During Winter

There’s perhaps no one on the left who’s as critical of the liberal establishment as journalist Glenn Greenwald. He talked with Tucker Carlson about the Washington Post‘s recent fake news about Russia supposedly hacking the U.S. power grid in Vermont.

The fake news spread across the globe before the Post had issued any corrections, and it even led to Vermont politicians to believe the Russian hack of the electrical grid was part of a Kremlin-backed conspiracy to shut off Vermonters’ heat during the winter.

Then, it was revealed that none of it was true. Yes, fake news does have “real-world consequences,” as Hillary Clinton put it.

TUCKER CARLSON: The Washington Post has spent months howling about ‘fake news’ rigging the U.S. election. Now The Post has been caught publishing its own fake news, once again. The D.C.’s paper of record published a bogus story last week saying Russia hacked the U.S. electrical grid. The story was totally discredited, but not before it spread across the globe. Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald has been spanking The Post like the bad little paper it is… So what exactly did The Post write that wasn’t true?

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GLENN GREENWALD, THE INTERCEPT: Essentially the entire article from start to finish. They have the this big blockbuster announcement on Friday which was obviously sensationalistic and it would have a huge impact if it were true that Russia and Vladimir Putin had invaded the U.S. electric grid by placing malware within the utility system in Vermont.

They induced the governor of Vermont and Senator Pat Leahy (D-VT) to make these really bombastic statements about how this thug Vladimir Putin was trying to steal the heat to make Vermonters suffer during the winter. It turned out that the malware found was actually on a single laptop totally unconnected to the grid. Then it turned out that the Russians had actually nothing to do with this malware. Then it turned out that what was on the laptop probably wasn’t malware at all. So the story just collapsed one step after the next in the grandest humiliation possible.

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