Vegas Concert Attendee: ‘Woman Warned Us Before the Concert that We Would Be Killed’

There is often some sort of warning that we are given before something disastrous happens. We may not always realize that it is a warning, but it is often there if we take the time to notice and more often than not, it sounds like the little voice inside our heads known as a conscience.

Sadly, many people mistook a woman for crazy when she came on stage in Las Vegas, before the Jason Aldean concert that ended in more than 50 dead and 200 wounded, and warned them that they would be killed.

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I try to imagine how I would have reacted to someone jumping on stage at a concert venue like that and yelling out that were were all about to die. I would have likely thought she was crazy as well.

Daily Wire reports:

A concert goer at the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas said that a woman pushed her way into the concert venue and told everyone in the immediate vicinity that they were going to “die tonight.”

A young woman told a local NBC affiliate that another young woman told a group of people in the concert they were going to “die tonight” before supposedly being escorted from the conference roughly 45 minutes before the shooting happened.

This is now being called the deadliest shooting in modern history.

The 64-year-old shooter was perched up high at the Mandalay Resort and Casino, making it easier to kill so many people with his “nonstop gunfire.”

Daily Wire reports that the shooter, Stephen Paddock from Mesquite, Nevada, has been killed. According to NBC, he shot and killed himself.

His companion, Marilou Danley, was detained by police but they do not have reason to believe she is an accomplice of the shooting.

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