Vatican Allows Celebrity Mockery of Christianity

By countenancing celebrity mockery of the Faith, the Vatican has slid so far down that Piers Morgan has come to the defense of Christianity.

We will never see such celebrity mockery of Islam so why did the Vatican go along with this blasphemous theme for the event?

By countenancing celebrity mockery of the Faith, the Vatican has slid so far down that Piers Morgan has come to the defense of Christianity.

Though he readily admits he is not devout, Morgan was raised Roman Catholic and still considers it his religion. Thus, he has shocked and outraged by Christian symbolism used to garnish cleavage.

Morgan writes in the Daily Mail, “If the Met Gala was Islam or Jewish-themed, all hell would break loose – so why was it OK for a bunch of flesh-flashing celebrities to disrespect MY religion?

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I have some breaking news.

Next year’s Met Gala is going to have an ‘Islam’ theme.

Yes, guests in 2019 will be encouraged to wear skimpy, provocative dresses that ‘celebrate’ the Prophet Mohammad, Islamic clothing including hijabs and burqas, and the Koran.

I can also reveal that the 2020 Met Gala will have a ‘Jewish’ theme.

Yes, a bunch of celebrities and models will be posing for the world’s paparazzi dressed in all manner of Jewish attire and regalia, including dressing up as Rabbis and wearing kippahs.

Oh, wait.

Neither of these things is actually going to happen.

In fact, just by suggesting it, I’m sure I will be subjecting myself to immediate anger from many Muslims and Jews.

Yet apparently it’s absolutely fine to have a ‘Catholic’ theme, as we saw at last night’s Met Gala.

Christianity, it would seem, is fair game for a mocking fashion parade.


To me, this year’s Met Gala crossed a line and was openly, brazenly disrespectful.

By doing so, it confirmed itself as an organisation of rank double standards, because everyone knows they’d have never dared do it to Islam or Judaism.

Apparently – staggeringly – the Vatican gave permission for the Gala to be ‘Catholic-themed’ because it has already provided a variety of clothes and other items for an accompanying exhibition at the Met.


Rihanna came as a silver Pope, complete with Mitre.


Jennifer Lopez came as a jewel-encrusted multi-coloured cross.

Kim Kardashian wore a Versace gold gown with large crosses emblazoned on her hips and torso […]. She had two more necklace crosses perched above her bulging cleavage.


Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell thought it fun to have images of the Virgin Mary all over her strapless dress.


But comfortably the worst offender was Sarah Jessica Parker who had an entire Nativity Play scene on her head.

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