Van Jones: ‘Right Wing Media’ Wants to ‘Burn Susan Rice at the Stake for Doing her Job’ [VIDEO]

‘Burning at the stake’ makes it sound like Susan Rice is a martyr. She’s being persecuted by the ‘right wing media’ all for merely ‘doing her job’ as the President’s National Security Advisor. According to CNN’s Van Jones, Rice deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump. Here’s what he had to say:

“I want to talk about a couple other names in the news. Donald Trump, Susan Rice and Jared Kushner. Now with his usual zero facts and no evidence, President Trump today declared that Susan Rice is guilty of a crime. What crime? Didn’t say. And with the same zero facts he says that Bill O’Reilly is innocent. I’m going to get to Bill later in the show but let me say a couple words about Susan Rice. The right wing media wants to burn Susan Rice at the stake for doing her job. That’s it. Susan Rice was our National Security Adviser.


“To give good advice, you gotta ask good questions, especially when fishy looking stuff lands on your desk. Okay? Now, finding out for yourself the names of sketchy people doing possibly sketchy things is called ‘unmasking.’ Okay? It doesn’t mean revealing that to the world. That would be illegal. It does mean revealing those names to yourself at your desk so you can do a better job advising the president. 

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“As best we can tell, that’s all she did. Her job. Now, if she were a terrible person, up to no good, trying to ruin Donald Trump, you know what she would have done, what she could have done? She could have called a press conference in the middle of the election like James Comey did from the FBI. Okay.

“She could have run around screaming bloody murder. ‘Look what I found, look what I found!’ She didn’t do that. She got very disturbing information and she looked into it. And as best we can tell, she did her job inside the proper channels. For doing this, Donald Trump should give Susan Rice the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

At this point, the public doesn’t know whether what Susan Rice did in ‘unmasking’ the identities of some members of Trump’s team was illegal. The thing is, Washington politicians are effectively immune from the law. They’ve got lawyers who can twist the law to their liking to make even the most vicious murderer seem like a saint.

Nothing will happen to Susan Rice. She’s immune. Even if she had done something technically illegal, she’d be totally protected.

But the more the House Intelligence Committee delves into this supposed Russia scandal, the more they uncover shady actions by the Obama administration regarding the Trump campaign. The surveillance seems to have started around the time it became clear that Trump had clinched the nomination. And the surveillance picked up during the transition time, between Election Day and Inauguration Day.

Even though it seems obviously done for political purposes, Democrats allege it all had to do with Russia. Rice, in her capacity as National Security Advisor, could unmask the identities of those in conversations with foreign entities, if she deemed it necessary, based on what was said in the monitored phone conversations.

The debate shouldn’t be so much about whether what Susan Rice did was legal or not, but rather should it be legal? While the excuse of lawmakers and the Executive Branch in previous administration was always about national security, it’s becoming clear that the true intent behind these surveillance allowances is to be able to keep tabs on current and potential government officials for political purposes. Russia is the red herring.

This probably isn’t the first time this has happened to this degree. Clinton may have done this Bush, and Bush may have done this to Obama. And now, we’re finding that Obama did it to Trump. (In all those cases, maybe they were not personally ordered by the President, but carried out by the respective administrations’ intelligence communities.)

In reality, they may have also kept close tabs on the Clinton campaign for the same purposes. This is a nonpartisan issue. The silly Republican-versus-Democrat fighting is a distraction.

Surveillance like this is likely being used as a blackmail device on politicians in order to easily maintain the status quo. Emails, phone conversations, texts, are all monitored and stored not for ‘national security,’ but to be able to pull out when someone in public office is ‘rocking the boat’ too much. Hillary Clinton was not likely to have rocked the boat. She would have been a willing stooge as president. But they’d surely have a litany of blackmail on her if the need arose to reign her in for any reason.

Trump, on the other hand, is at least perceived to be rocking the boat pretty severely. That’s why there have been leaks. There’s probably more to come. This is the intelligence apparatus’s (the ‘Deep State?’) way of exerting control over Trump and his cabinet. They don’t really care who’s President, as long as he or she stays within the lines.

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