Valerie Jarrett Excuses Democrats’ Violent Rhetoric: He Was Kidding

Former Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett excused Holder’s statement that Democrats should kick Republicans as nothing more than a joke, saying that he was only “kidding.”

The Democrats have been threatening to impeach, assassinate, blow up, beat up etc. President Trump since he was elected… But we’ve decided that we will beat them at the ballot box.

They’re not fighting Trump they are fighting the American people and Democrats going to lose bigtime.


Valerie Jarrett emerged from the Obama bunker to defend the violent rhetoric being used by Eric Holder…She blows it off and says it was just a joke. Brooke Baldwin played the clip of former Attorney General Eric Holder saying that Democrats should kick Republicans. Jarrett shrugged it off then Baldwin didn’t follow up with examples of other Democrats who called for aggression towards Republicans…Maxine Waters, Corey Booker, Tom Perez, and others have called for uncivil behavior towards Republicans…

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It goes without saying that there is a big reason Jarrett lives in the DC home of the Obamas. She’s still in the battle with Barack who’s been more outspoken than any other past president against his successor. In fact, Obama has been more aggressive than ever on the campaign trail for other candidates. The rhetoric is off the charts! More

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