Utah Senator Mike Lee Expects Ted Cruz to be the GOP Nominee

Utah’s Senator [score]Mike Lee[/score] (R-UT) is roundly viewed as the GOP’s philosophical leader. He’s a man who is constantly working to help his colleagues learn and express conservative philosophies and ideas in Washington and at home. He’s also one of the most consistently conservative voices in Congress, earning a 100% conservative rating from several different conservative organizations. Last month, Senator Lee endorsed his friend Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) for President and has since been campaigning for Cruz around the country. (Lee helped Senator Cruz win a dominating victory in the Utah presidential primary, where Cruz won 70% of the vote!)

In a recent interview with WBAL 1090, a Baltimore talk radio station, Lee argued that Senator Cruz will likely be the GOP candidate for President in 2016.

“I would not be a bit surprised if Ted Cruz won in that circumstance, in fact I’d be surprised if he didn’t. On second ballots, or successive ballots, you’re gonna see more and more delegates moving to Ted Cruz.”

“Well look, merely leading in delegates isn’t enough to get the nomination, that’s why we have the convention, that’s why we have delegates from all over the country. And even though it hasn’t happened in a while, it’s been 40 years since the last contested convention, it does happen sometimes, and when it does happen, it is not dispositive that one person has a few more delegates than someone else.”

What do you think? Is Senator Lee right? Has Cruz’s victory in Wisconsin likely “sealed the deal” and ensured the nomination for Cruz, while also denying it to Donald Trump?

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