The USA Begins Air Strikes on ISIS in Syria

A couple of weeks ago the USA began humanitarian missions into Iraq to free and feed local minorities who were being besieged by ISIS thugs. As the US military arrived, the ISIS leadership fled, fearing that our military would soon be looking to drop some ordinance on them. It was probably the wise choice, for them, as our leaders like to try and cut the heads off of these terrorist operations. Back then, the “safe” place for ISIS leaders to flee to was Syria… not anymore.

On Monday night, we, along with our allies, began hitting ISIS targets near Raqqa in Syria. Interestingly, word from Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is that we got his permission before beginning our assault, and that he is on board with our efforts. How disturbing is it that the guy our politicians wanted to bomb a year ago is now the guy we are getting permission from to bomb his enemies?


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Raqqa, Syria wasn’t the only place the US military was active last night. Our intelligence had also been monitoring an al Qaeda affiliate that had moved into southern Syria and is said to have been quite dangerous – even posing a threat to the USA directly. khorasanThe Khorasan Group was a small al Qaeda affiliate, made up of about 50 veteran terrorist operatives. Unlike ISIS, Khorasan had worked very hard to stay under the radar and was operating at a high level of secrecy because they had decided to focus their efforts on attacking the USA directly.

Pentagon spokesperson Rear Admiral John Kirby declined to go into specifics, but told ABC News’ George Stephanopolous, “We had very good indications that this group, which is a very dangerous group, was plotting and planning imminent attacks against Western targets to include the U.S. homeland and it was on that basis that we struck targets, Khorasan targets inside Syria.”

“We believe that the individuals that were plotting and planning it have been eliminated and we’re going to continue… to assess the effectiveness of our strikes going through today,” Kirby said.

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Part of the Khorasan threat seemed to be their attempts to develop new destructive bomb technology – including “undetectable” improvised explosive devices! Well, that threat should no longer exist, as US airstrikes have leveled their facilities and killed their leaders.

In fact, while we may have attacked both ISIS and al Qaeda in last nights’ airstrikes – I think the big news to take away is that it seems that our intelligence community and our military are still more concerned about al Qaeda than they are about ISIS. In fact, ABC quotes Admiral Kirby and other US officials as saying that Khorasan was actually “More Dangerous” than ISIS!

So much for al Qaeda being “on the ropes,” huh?

Keep an eye on this, folks. Reports like these tend to tell us a lot more about what is actually going on than the speeches of politicians do.

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