Us versus Them

Individualism vs. Collectivism.

Capitalism vs. Communism.

It seems to be a question that is being raised more and more often among young Americans.

I have always been one to question what I have been told. I tend to be a logical person, I tend to believe whichever side can provide the most physical evidence or logical argument. I also tend not to believe what a person is saying if they ram it down my throat, and this has undoubtedly led to my skepticism. Not long ago, I decided to do my own research on this topic of democracy in America, and it was not a smooth journey. I will go over my personal journey, and hopefully indirectly explain how vulnerable the democratic way of life is in our nation.

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My journey really started back in the 2008 election between Barack Obama and John McCain. I remember watching the stock market crashing while my mom was in surgery and I asked myself, “Why does everything have to be dependent on money?” Obviously I was very young and I hardly understood what I was seeing. It was only two years later when I started to see how badly off some people were because of the capitalist system we had (at least, I thought it was capitalism’s fault). Common-Core-is-a-rotten-appleI started doing volunteer work at a local food pantry on my own time (it wasn’t required, I was doing it to follow God’s teaching, granted it was before I started questioning things), and I saw quite the crowd there… I saw the poor and the starving, those that had nothing. I remember a woman that was suffering from MS and was dying and had just lost her house, I literally didn’t sleep for a good two days afterwards. I asked myself what kind of evil America was committing and if we could fix it… Then I remembered a person I had heard about recently, a man named Vladimir Lenin.

I quickly grew a fondness relatively quickly for Vladimir. He wanted to bring the poor up and level the playing field for everyone. To a kid who has seen the lowest levels of society, Lenin seemed like a great example: equality for all, the government would provide for everyone who needed help and it would punish those who harmed people. Of course this was before I knew how Lenin accomplished his goals. I never was a fan of Obama. I didn’t believe he was running the government correctly. I didn’t think government should help businesses, rather it should run the economy. Of course, I kept these thoughts to myself. Secretly I believed that the Soviet Union had the right idea in the beginning and screwed it up during Stalin’s reign, but I was naïve.

It was only a couple years ago that I realized the true evils of Lenin’s idea. I don’t know what made me see that collectivism was just not the way to go. All I know is I saw the light. I guess I just realized that you can’t help certain people while jailing others, or maybe… Just maybe… It was because I believed that I wanted a say over who is in control and I want to be in control of my own destiny. I want people to be able to help themselves, and being lazy doesn’t accomplish anything. The only reason Vladimir Lenin was able to take power was because of a government hostile to the Russian people, which is Kaiser Wilhelm II’s GERMAN government, which greatly assisted Lenin in taking over Russia so they could defeat Russia and only have to fight on one front. That is not justice. Justice is using peaceful measures to help yourself and others through private charity, and it is treason against the Russian people to use hostile funds to topple your government.

I learned through my own journey that capitalism is the best system we have. It encourages hard work, but you work towards a goal. A goal for yourself. A goal to help others. A dream to keep a family. A dream truly American… An American dream. Capitalism allows you to help others more than government ever could. The only way communism could ever work was if humans didn’t want to have more than everyone else, but why are you reading this? It isn’t because humans want to be equal, no, rather it is because humans are greedy. Greed leads to progress, greed leads to greatness. Look at John Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt. They weren’t trying to be equal. Rockefeller once said “Competition is a sin.” Is capitalism necessarily the most moral political system? On paper it is anything but. In action, there is no greater system. Capitalism rewards merit, not laziness.

My friends, the youth of America is a very vulnerable group. I was always raised to be a conservative, but my ideas became clouded by the evils that government, the very entity I thought could save the poor, was causing. Spread the word of the beauties of capitalism and the greatness of America. If we continue on our current path I project the USA becoming the USSA by 2030.

Watch the video of Vladimir Lenin’s speech on the middle peasants: Lenin’s speech: The Middle Peasants ☭ Ленин: О крестьянах-середняках and compare that to one of Obama’s speeches. I apologize for any nightmares involving Lenin as Obama’s Vice President.

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