US Troops Conditioned to Ignore Boy Rape in Afghanistan

Exactly what are we teaching our soldiers by sending them overseas to work with child predators, and turn a blind eye to boy rape?

The media has reported on the way our troops have been forced to endure the presence of boy rape, but now our government has officially reported on it. The war on terror involved fighting off Islamic sects and fighting with or even for some other Islamic sects. Because we believed the Taliban worked with Osama bin Laden, ignoring their offers to hand him over to us, we chose to ally ourselves with Muslims who practiced boy rape.

The Daily Caller reports, “US Troops Taught For Years Child Sex Abuse Is ‘Culturally Accepted’ In Afghanistan.

U.S. troops deploying to Afghanistan were taught for years that child sex abuse is a “culturally accepted practice” in the country, and were provided no guidance that it constituted a violation of the law and human rights until late 2015.

A new Pentagon inspector general report reveals that although troops weren’t explicitly discouraged from reporting cases of child sex abuse, the issue was not discussed until numerous media outlets reported that troops were encouraged to ignore local Afghan officials abusing little boys.

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Interviews of troops from the report suggest that military officials didn’t really care much about stopping child sex abuse.


The first explicit guidance to report child sex abuse only came about in September 2015, following a report from The New York Times, which interviewed former soldiers. They stated they were told to ignore child sex abuse, despite hearing the screams of boys being sexually abused by high-level Afghan officials on U.S. military installations.

Read the entire Daily Caller story.

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