Upcoming Supreme Court Term Lack Blockbusters

A short-handed Supreme Court will return on Monday. The justices will face lower-profile but consequential legal questions. The first case up for argument is a property rights case about protected habitat for the dusky gopher frog, an endangered amphibian. The case pits environmentalists against property-rights advocates.

“No matter how the current nomination of Judge Kavanaugh plays out,” said Jeffrey Fisher, a law professor at Stanford, “I suspect the court will be exceptionally eager to demonstrate how the law is different from politics — that is, that it’s not a political body.”

Washington Times:

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The list of cases pending on the Supreme Court’s calendar this year lacks blockbusters — but court-watchers say they’re hopeful some of the big ones get added in before the end of the term.

The justices convene their 2018-2019 session Monday with far more drama over who will be the ninth member of the court than over the cases already on the schedule.

This month’s cases include a fight over property rights, whether a death row inmate can be executed if he can’t remember committing the crime following a stroke, and the extent of the Endangered Species Act and unoccupied private land.

But all sides are hoping once a ninth justice is confirmed, the court will be ready to accept some of the more consequential issues now percolating in the lower appeals courts.

Options include gay rights in the workplace, transgender rights in the military, the legality of President Obama’s DACA deportation amnesty and President Trump’s attempted phaseout of the program, the drawing of congressional districts ahead of the 2020 census, and abortion rights for illegal immigrant teens.

“The real key to the coming term is what is in the pipeline,” Noel Francisco, the solicitor general, said at a preview of the term last week.

The court could still be suffering a hangover from its previous term, which ended in June, and which Mr. Francisco called the most consequential in years, with decisions upending 40 years of precedent on mandatory union dues, legalizing sports gambling across the nation, and upholding President Trump’s travel ban.

The term also ended with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy calling it quits after three decades. More

We are in the midst of a Salem witch #MeToo full-blown panic started by the feminazis in the Democrat party. Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed and he will be much “wiser” for the process… 

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