University Transgender Shaming Session Exposed as Unauthorized Bullying

It turns out there was no student complaint to justify the transgender shaming of Lindsay Shepherd.

I wrote about the transgender shaming session inflicted on Lindsay Shepherd a few weeks ago. She was subjected to a group berating at Laurier University in Canada because she allowed students in a class she was leading to hear both sides of the argument about whether people should be punished for refusing to use made-up pronouns for transgenders.

At the meeting Shepherd repeatedly asked about seeing the actual complaint and the frustration of not knowing how many students complained.

Well now we know. The answer is zero.

The president of the university issued a statement that included the following bombshell [emphases added]:

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We hired an external fact-finder with expertise in human resources issues. I have received the report and we are taking decisive action to ensure these events will not be repeated. The report, along with what we already knew, has led me to the following conclusions and actions.

There were numerous errors in judgement made in the handling of the meeting with Ms. Lindsay Shepherd, the TA of the tutorial in question. In fact, the meeting never should have happened at all. No formal complaint, nor informal concern relative to a Laurier policy, was registered about the screening of the video. This was confirmed in the fact-finding report.

So, the University inquisitors ganging up on Shepherd were lying to her about a complaint. Their meeting wasn’t the implementation of University policy; it was an unauthorized bullying session. They were comparing exposure to an argument for not punishing people for using real pronouns to an argument for Adolph Hitler’s policies. It was an act of incredible hypocrisy since they were claiming that words were a human-rights violation in an interpersonal verbal confrontation that fraudulently claimed to embody the authority of Laurier University. The rights of Shepherd were being violated in that bullying session.

Read the entire statement.

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