University Scrubs This Politically Incorrect 3-Letter Word From Their Language

Princeton University has decided to rid their language as best they can of the word man. It’s too gender exclusive. The word man has crept into too many words in the English language.

Words and phrases such as “fireman,” “congressman,” “businessman,” “manmade,” “manpower” (whoa, that one’s really bad),man hours,” and “best man for the job,” are now considered problematic, and the University has provided preferred alternatives.

For example, instead of saying “average man,” say “average person” or “ordinary person.” Instead of “layman,” say “layperson” or “non-specialist.” Don’t say “man and wife.” “Spouses” or “partners” is preferable. “Manpower” is obviously wrong on so many levels. (It’s as bauniveristy language vocabulary mand as “white power.”) So, instead of that, say “personnel,” “staff,” “workers,” or “workforce.”

Saying “man” when referring to humanity is problematic, so say “human beings,” “humanity,” “humans,” “individuals,” or “people.”

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These new guidelines pertain to all Princeton University Human Resources staff members, according to the publication released by the university:

“Consistent with style guidelines issued by Princeton’s Office of Human Resources and Office of Communications, and as endorsed by the Institutional Equity Planning Group as a preferred University practice, HR has developed these gender inclusive style guidelines, to be utilized by all HR staff members in HR communications, policies, job descriptions, and job postings. These communication guidelines reflect the inclusive culture and policies at Princeton University. “

Even in some of their preferred alternatives, masculine connotations are present. The word “humanity” has the word “man” in it, as does “human.” Oh, and “woman.”

And look at “person” and “personnel.” See anything that smacks of maleness in those words? “Son.” Son is masculine. Masculine is bad.


Here are some others:

Don’t say “forefathers”; say “ancestors.”

Don’t say “male nurse”; just say “nurse.”

Don’t say “cameraman”; say “camera operator.”

Don’t say “foreman”; say “foreperson” or “supervisor.”

Don’t say “freshman”; say “first-year student” (uh-oh…isn’t Stu a man’s name?) or “frosh” (never heard of that one).

H/T: The College Fix

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