University Offers Counseling for Students Traumatized by Pro-Life Display

Once again our universities are coddling students of the snowflake generation. Campus Reform is reporting that California State University in San Marcos is warning students that an “anti-abortion” display will be present on campus next week, pledging resources to help those who find it “disturbing and offensive.” This shows how low society has gotten. The act of killing babies in the womb should be considered disturbing and offensive. The  university should be showing its students how offensive it really is.

An anti-Abortion group called the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) will be showcasing their traveling display called Genocide Awareness Project  at the University on Feb. 13 and 14th. The exhibit juxtaposes images of aborted embryos and fetuses with images of victims of historical and contemporary genocides and other injustices.

The school’s Office of Communications sent an email to all students which gave the dates of the display and went on to say:

“CBR is a national pro-life organization known for displaying graphic images of aborted fetuses, and plans to host a traveling exhibit of such photos in the school’s centrally located Kellogg Plaza.

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“This presentation is a graphic anti-abortion display,” the university declares in its announcement. “Members of our campus community may find this content disturbing and offe…

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