University “Helps” White Employees Deal with White Identity

To “unpack Whiteness,” conference wanted participants to explore the “discomfort” of White identity.

Apparently, the University believes that, no matter how lowly your station in life, your white identity embodies “privilege” which you must at least acknowledge in order to understand social justice. To this end, you should need to participate in bullying sessions on “conversations on Whiteness.”

Basically, these kinds of sessions are designed to let people know that they had better join the Progressivist cause, or they’ll be accused of white supremacy. Behind all the rhetoric and sophistication, that’s all it is.

The College Fix reports, “University teaches white employees how to overcome the ‘discomfort’ of being white.

The goal was to help participants in “unpacking Whiteness” to support students and staff with issues and efforts “related to identity and social justice,” the website added.

The “Conversations on Whiteness” session was one of more than a dozen workshops offered at the conference, held Dec. 4 and 5. The whiteness session utilized the “Privileged Identity Exploration Model” to help white participants explore the “discomfort” of their “white identity,” according to organizers.

First introduced in 2007 by University of Iowa professor Sherry Watt in a College Student Affairs Journal article, the model purports to be a method for understanding how people react to stimuli that alert them of the privilege they hold. The model is to be used by “facilitators” to “engage participants in discussions about diversity,” according to Watt.

Watt states there are eight defenses people use to avoid recognizing their privilege. Examples of defenses include “denial,” where someone simply refuses to admit their privilege, and “minimization,” where someone trivializes the impact of their privilege.

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