Why the United States should Not Arm Ukraine

One of the most recent trends in the United States is that the people think we should arm the Ukraine. This is a horrible idea and for several reasons.

First, although fragile, the Minsk ceasefire appears to be holding, at least for now. Any American efforts to arm Ukraine would surely destroy all of the diplomatic efforts made by the so called “Normandy Four” and would catapult the region back into chaos. The conflict in the East has already destroyed the Donestk Airport and would only claim even more lives, which the region cannot sustain for much longer. The current diplomatic efforts cannot be allowed to have been in vain. As Americans we are supposed to help spread democracy and peace. The diplomatic sanctions are biting like a cobra. They are working, after all, they brought Putin to the negotiating table. Why should we waste peaceful efforts? The answer is simple: we shouldn’t.

Russia-vs-NATO-over-UkraineThe second reason is our allies over in Western Europe. Berlin has repeatedly voiced its distaste over the possibility of America arming the Ukraine, not including the opinions of our other NATO allies. In addition to that, Russia has also ordered many fifth generation tanks, the T-14 Armata. With the recent Russian modernization of its military, despite it still being inferior, it is not worth risking an armed conflict with a major nuclear power. You can throw numbers at me about how inferior the MiG-29 is to the F-16 all day. Trust me, I know my aircraft stats. But there is no fighter in the world that can stop a Topol-M after it launches. And considering the latest success rate of our missile defense systems, we need to take the ICBM threat seriously. Am I saying that prematurely arming Ukraine before giving Minsk 2.0 a chance to succeed could lead to World War 3? Yes I am. And I don’t think I’m necessarily wrong.

Former head of the Royal Air Force, Sir Michael Graydon, told the Daily Mail that he highly doubts Britain’s ability to combat a Russian strike. You might be thinking, why is Britain so important? After all, it is just a small island. You are correct about its geographic properties, but Britain is our intelligence hub in Europe. If we lose Britain, we lose Europe. It really is that simple. The Typhoon is a great fighter, I am sure (unlike the F-15 and Su-27 I have never seen a Eurofighter in action), but it cannot deal with a surprise attack but Flankers and PAK FA.

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Is this an extreme possibility? Yes. But before the Cuban Missile Crisis, putting nukes in Turkey seemed like a great idea.

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