United Methodist Church says there is “Clearly More to be Done” to PROMOTE Abortion!

In what can only be described as a disgusting, monstrous and sacrilegious turn of events, two of the United Methodist Church’s chief administrators have co-authored an article that not only praises abortion but also says that more should be done to PROMOTE the heinous act of child murder.

The article is titled “Clearly More to be Done” and appears on the United Methodist Church’s General Board of Church & Society blog.

Our Book of Discipline (2012) speaks to the official position of the United Methodist Church by stating, “We recognize tragic conflicts of life with life that may justify abortion, and in such cases we support the legal option of abortion under proper medical procedures by certified medical providers” (Social Principles ¶161J)…

 We recognize the significance of marking this day as we continue to face opposition to keeping abortion safe, legal, accessible and rare.

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We also recognize that there continue to be many obstacles to reproductive justice, both nationally and internationally…

The United Methodist Church has not been silent or inactive on this issue

We as the church must more fully devote our time, energy, gifts and service to the following priorities for national and international reproductive justice:

  1. Keep abortion safe, legal, accessible and rare….

We cannot afford to allow the heated politics of this issue to veil the fact that women are dying and that childbirth remains one of the most dangerous endeavors a woman faces…


abortionmolechMeanwhile over 65 million children have been aborted in America alone since 1974. 65 million.

Does that number not carry weight?

Let me give you context, especially for those of you who belong to the United Methodist Church. Today in America just under 50 million children are attending public schools. We have murdered AN ENTIRE GENERATION of children in just over 40 years. And the United Methodist Church has played an integral role in that genocide.

Pregnancy is dangerous for women? It’s nowhere near as dangerous for women as it is for America’s children today.

(Let me qualify my next statement by saying that what I am about to write pertains solely to the leadership and decision makers in the UMC’s General Conference and not to specific parishioners or local church bodies. There are many faithful Methodists and many faithful Methodist churches who have stayed the course of orthodox Christian teaching and are still holding fast to the Word of God. There are many Methodists who find abortion abhorrent and understand the clear teaching of Scripture better than the leaders at the UMC.)

The UMC’s leaders disgusts me. They have taken the philosophies and teaching of the New Testament and perverted them so that they may better please the prevailing cultural winds of our time. endabortionThe UMC has become an embarrassment to Christianity and has become apostate for their crimes on abortion (as well as other important moral issues). I shudder to think what will happen on the Day of Judgment for those who have led the UMC to these grotesque depths of depravity – arguing that the evil of murder is somehow now a “good” thing.

In a brilliant and scholarly article titled “Jesus Loves the Little Children” Kevin DeYoung explains just how badly the UMC understands Scripture and church history when it comes to abortion. (If you’ve ever heard a liberal argue that the Bible or the church or history are silent on this issue – please give the article a read and next time you’ll have a ready answer for this fallacy.)

In the ancient world, it was uniquely the Jewish people who prohibited abortion and infanticide, the latter of which was not outlawed until Christianity took on a privileged place in the empire. Christians have always opposed killing children, whether infants outside the womb or infants inside the womb. The two were one and the same crime. “You shall not abort a child or commit infanticide,” commanded the Didache, a late first century church constitution of sorts. Despite the muddled arguments of progressive Christian groups and denominations (whose obfuscation with language is positively Orwellian), opposition to abortion and infanticide is not simply one position for Christians, it is the Christian position.


Abortion is murder. If a 25-week old child is born they are immediately recognized as human, living and with value. The hospital will fight to save them and the laws of our nation will govern their life – meaning that if you kill that just-born child you will be prosecuted. However, if instead an abortion provider stops the baby from being born and rips the child apart (while still alive)… no problem? It makes no sense. The argument that a child in the womb has no humanity, no worth, no rights is completely and utterly illogical and immoral. These unfaithful UMC leaders may face no judgment for their poor leadership here, but one day very soon they will regret what they’ve done and what they’ve led others to do.

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