Are you an Uninformed American? Then Please Don’t Vote!

Several years ago the wise and always insightful Jonah Goldberg wrote a piece for the LA Times titled “Too Uninformed to Vote?” The piece was meant to stir up a bit of controversy, but more importantly Goldberg’s hope was to get American voters to pay attention to their civic duty. In his piece Goldberg says,

A very high percentage of the U.S. electorate isn’t very well qualified to vote, if by “qualified” you mean having a basic understanding of our government, its functions and its challenges. Almost half of the American public doesn’t know that each state gets two senators. More than two-thirds can’t explain the gist of what the Food and Drug Administration does.

Now, the point isn’t to say that the American people are stupid, which is the typical knee-jerk reaction of self- absorbed political junkies. Rather, it’s that millions of Americans just don’t care about politics, much the same way that I don’t care about cricket: They think it’s boring. Ask me how cricket works and I’m likely to respond with the same blank, uncomprehending stare my old basset hound used to give me when I asked him to chase a Frisbee. Ask the typical American to explain, say, what a cloture vote is, and you’ll get the same.

And yet, even to suggest that maybe some people just shouldn’t vote is considered the height of un-Americanism… 

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vote ChristianFar too many of our fellow citizens cast their ballots with little to no knowledge of what they are actually voting on! Your vote is a weapon – with it you can force your fellow citizens to do things they’d rather not, you can enact laws that a large portion of society disagrees with, and you can elect people that many of your neighbors dislike. That kind of power brings responsibility as well. You shouldn’t take your right to vote lightly – because your ballot affects many lives, not just your own.

Because of this, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Christian-Jewish Voter Guides and Liberty Alliance have been working overtime this election season to get you the materials you’ll need to vote wisely.

Many Americans enter the polling station with little knowledge of the men, women and issues that they will be voting for… and these decisions are too important to simply guess on.

So, this election season, we want to encourage you to get informed by using one of our voting guides.

Over at Christian-Jewish Voter Guides, there are several options that you can take advantage of:

The Life, Marriage, Conscience & Israel VOW Voting Guide

Faith & Freedom Coalition Voter Guides

Focus on the Family – State Family Policy Council Guides

AIPAC: The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee

Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk Action

Family Research Council Action

Tea Party DEBT-HAWKS – Voter Guide

Mike Huckabee’s America Takes Action


Our favorite of the bunch happens to be the Life, Marriage Conscience, & Israel VOW voting guide, which was developed by Constitutional attorneys, Capitol Hill staffers, political strategists, 501(c) activists, and humanitarian philanthropists. We think the VOW could be a game changer in helping to educate voters about the candidates they are voting for. Far too often American voters are punching the ballots of politicians they disagree with, when a simple voting guide could have helped inform their decision and change their vote.

Maybe you look over the VOW and decide it’s not for you… any of the other above voting guides can also be extremely helpful to you in the voting booth.

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